Exhibition 2016

               « Gateways of hope »

…. was the theme of the 6th exhibition « Art in the countryside » which was jointly organized, as were the two previous exhibitions, by the communes of Collex-Bossy (CH) and Ornex (F). The exhibition was held after a two-year break.

The participants in 2016 included 26 artists, a primary school class and a leisure centre.  A total of 30 works of art were exhibited along a 6 km circuit within the boundaries of the two communes involved.

The opening took place on 2 July at Ornex, chemin de Bossy and the closing ceremony was held on 3 September at the Chapelle de Collex (chemin de la Fruitière).

The Organizing Committee: Cathy Biolay, Marie-France Dutour, Lou Jacquemet, Nathalie Müller, Meike Noll-Wagenfeld, Jean-François Obez, Willy Delavenne