Exhibition 2012


du promeneur solitaire (Rousseau) »

(“Daydreams of the Solitary Walker”)

has honored Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was celebrating the tercentenary of his birth in 2012.
26 artists, including 4 classes from local primary schools, have installed some 30 artworks along a 6 km path, zigzagging across the French-Swiss border on the land of the municipalities of Collex-Bossy (CH) and Ornex (F).
The opening took place on 14 July in Ornex, chemin de Bossy (next to artwork n°1) and the closure on 15 September at the chapel in Collex (chemin de la Fruitière).

The organizing committee:

Esther Chassot, Dominique Ganne, Alfons Noll, Meike Noll-Wagenfeld, Bruno Thoumelin and Chantal Valentini

Press book 2012